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Thursday Sep 28, 2023

4 Ways to Keep Your Dental Implants Properly Maintained

4 Ways to Keep Your Dental Implants Properly Maintained

Whether you have just had your dental implants placed or are getting them, there are several things you can do to ensure their long-term health. These steps are brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks, and regular dental checkups. A dental professional can provide further instructions, so follow them carefully. And don’t forget to ask for their advice if you have any questions.

Avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks:

One of the best ways to maintain the appearance of your new smile after dental implants in Dubai is to avoid consuming stain-causing food and drink. According to the Dental Association, nearly 1 in 4 adults are ashamed of the way their teeth look, and almost a fifth of them experience anxiety because of the appearance of their smile. Even your favorite foods can stain your teeth, so it’s important to avoid these foods and drinks for dental implants.

Brushing twice a day:

It would help if you brushed your implants at least twice a day. A toothbrush can help you with this task. Choose one that is soft on the implants and easy to move around the mouth. A toothbrush with soft bristles is best as it can effectively remove plaque and food particles. It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every three months to avoid bacteria buildup. Brushing twice a day will help to keep your implants healthy and bright.

Flossing in hard-to-reach areas:

When it comes to keeping your dental implants clean, you need to floss in hard-to-reach mouth areas. It would help if you used floss threaders to get underneath the prosthesis. Floss threaders look like large plastic needles. They are designed to clean in hard-to-reach places. Some floss threaders come with small brushes that are especially useful for reaching hard-to-reach areas.

Visiting your dentist for regular checkups:

In addition to visiting your dentist for cleanings and regular checkups, you should also get X-rays. X-rays will allow your dentist to see your entire mouth, including areas below the gum line. These images may reveal problems that are not apparent during a regular exam, such as impacted teeth or jaw injury. They may also detect early signs of oral cancer. If you are pregnant, tell your dentist about your pregnancy so that your dental team can recommend the best treatment plan for you.

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